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The Lipstick Product // Tag

For someone who is completely obsessed with lipsticks, it's weird how I have yet to do this tag. I mean, I think for someone who absolutely hates spending money, I have a serious problem when it comes to this part of the makeup world. Seriously - I've started developing a small collection thanks to Kiko and their inexpensive products. But we all know how much love I have for them, so I don't think it's necessary to go into detail.

Don't get me wrong, there are many brands I've yet to try - either because they're too expensive or because I just don't any way to without ordering them online. But I still have more than I use. Like with any other fashion item - there's always one we go to when we're in a rush and waking up at 6AM everyday, believe me when I say that I'm always in a rush.

Anything Sally does, I'm always flattered when she pays the tiniest amount of attention to me. So when she tagged me to do this - I was left in a babbling blushing mess. And then I was excited because it's been the sort of thing I've been wanting to do for a while. 

As someone who has pretty big lips, I don't really have to wear any. People have the tendency to noticed them on their own, but I always feel prettiest when I do. And it's something I like applying throughout the day - it's a mood booster, let's put it like that. Plus there's always something better to look at, right? And on those sort of days we need it, it's always a good distraction.

What is your favourite balm or treatment? // I'm pretty basic when it comes to lip treatments. Obviously, as someone who has big lips, if they're dry they're easier noticed as well. One thing I've always made sure to do is put vaseline on my lips before I go to bed. It's always been a go to because I love how my lips feel in the morning when I use it - so moisturized and nice. On the days that I do forget - and they're more than you think, and I notice my lips going a bit dry I always put it on in the morning and go on about getting ready and then apply the lipstick at the end. 

What is your favourite eye catching red? // I'd have to say I'm smitten with the Luscious Cream Lipstick in the colour 509. It's the most moisturizing, easy to put on, easy to build up red I've ever owned and it's the one I find myself going for whenever I need a bit more of oomph in my life (which for some reason is not available anywhere on the Kiko website).

Best luxury and drugstore product? // I don't actually own any luxury products. Honestly - I'm new to the whole makeup world. I've started a new job that requires me to use makeup everyday so I'm slowly getting more and more into it everyday and I see myself slowly saving up to buy better quality products. But for now, I don't own any. As for drugstore products - I own quite a few and I have to say my absolute favourite has to be the Maybelline Baby Lips range. I like these because they have quite alot of different shades going around as well, and they're quite hydrating on the lips and most importantly, look gorgeous. They're the ones I've been using on my lips daily because the colours look so darn well on my lips. 

Best Mac Lipstick? // I don't own a MAC product. Anything at all. Don't get me wrong, I know how good quality they are and I do want to try them out (Ok, I actually have because my bestfriend has owned a few MAC products). But at the same time I know there are better brands out there with alot more quality so I'm always left wondering if they're actually worth the money. I know they are, but I'm always undecided so I always end up walking away. Seriously - the lady who works there must be tired of me already.

Anyway, if I absolutely had to buy one (and I do, but should I? The eternal question) it would definitely have to be Fanfare (Mid-tone Yellow Pink)

Most disappointing lip product? // This wasn't a disappointing product per say because I absolutely loved it. It was disappointing because I never found any other available at the store and years later, I'm still yearning for it. I don't even remember the name - the only thing I do know is that it was one of the most delicious, hydrating lip balms I've ever owned. I was obsessed with it because it tasted of coconut and all I wanted was to rub it on my lips all day long. Now I don't know the name, or where to find it. So I'm disappointed in myself and whoever doesn't sell them any more in Portugal. 

Don't get me wrong - I know where I bought it. But it was such a long time ago that the ladies can't help me figure out which one it is. 

Lipliner yes or no? // I think liplines can be quite useful and I have a 70 year old aunt who wears lipstick (and heels!!!!) everyday who's always telling me to buy one and use it everyday. Which I understand why - I think they make the lipstick pop out more for some reason. But, I've never owned or tried any. I don't consider it important enough for me to spend money on. I prefer chocolate. Can you blame me?

Favourite lipgloss? // I like lipglosses, but I don't wear them as often as I'd like to. More because they stick everywhere and as someone who has pretty untamed curly hair, it always sticks to my lips and it's not really comfortable. I work somewhere that it's always pretty windy (around airplanes) so this is an awful idea. On the occasion that I do decide to put it on, I have to say I absolutely love the Juicy Tubes range by Lancome, my favourite being in the colour 052. 

Anything else? // A question. In terms of lipstick, which brand can't you see yourself without? Because for someone who is in love with lipsticks I admit I'm still a bit afraid to venture out from those that I'm completely in love with so I ask you this - if there's one lipstick you'd absolutely recommend me to try out - no matter the price, which one would it be?

What kind of lipsticks do you like to wear the most?

Ella x

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