Monday, 7 March 2016

Did I really need a new bag in my life?

I need to begin by saying that I didn't need any other bag in my wardrobe. I already own a fair amount. Do I own a designer bag? No. Do I own absolutely breath taking bags? Yes. We all need to start somewhere when it comes to owning good quality accessories. There's always that one store you go to because you absolutely love everything. It's the first step towards going completely bananas and thinking you should start saving up for a designer one.

We know how much love I have for this brand (seriously, the workers always recognize me and my family when we go in because we go in that much), and so I thought it'd be safe for me to walk into the store just to look around. I had no intention whatsoever to buy a new bag - especially because I have a specific one I need to take with me to work everyday and we're not allowed to take our own. So really - I only wanted to look around. Then I saw this bag. And it was looking at me with that "I know you want me" look on it. Let's also say my grandmother didn't really help me when she specifically told me to buy it. Why not, right?

I've actually been getting better at stuffing random things inside my bag, which has made me want to carry around smaller bags so I can make sure I only got what I need and no more than that.

I'm the kind of person who when she gets a present she really loves, or buys something new, I become obsessed with it, and then I use it everyday until I find something a bit closer to my heart. It helped me with the bag my bestfriend got me for my birthday and it happened with this one as well. Seriously - I only take it to the gym with me. But that's something as that's the only place I go to when I'm not at work.

Essentially, this is the perfect size bag for the pretty basic everyday bits - you get your wallet in, along with a couple of lipsticks, powder, concealer and hand cream, your phone, your keys, and if you're lucky, a small notebook for your random blog ideas

We all know how excited I am for Spring to come, and how much I want to redo my whole wardrobe - I think I'm in need to step up my fashion game, and so I picked this little something as my first Spring purchase. This is the kind of colour that goes with everything and anything because it is the classic brown bag. 

I mean, how pretty is this bag? How could I resist it?

Has this ever happened to you? What's your favourite bag to wear?

Ella x

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