Tuesday, 22 March 2016

How to deal with pressure

I have a love-hate relationship with pressure and unfortunately, feeling stressed or like there's always something to be done is pretty much inevitable nowadays. Things such as exams or presentations used to send me into shock - I had no idea what to say, and the feeling of being evaluated or judged used to make me feel useless, and dumb. 

My brain would freeze and anything in my head would just vanish. Having chosen a degree that requires presenting everywhere (as a Tour Guide I absolutely have to - yeah, I know, smart of me to chose something so nerve wrecking, right?), was the key for me to getingt over it as much as possible.

We've all been there at a point or another: be that deadlines at work, your blog, family issues which need organizing or even your own personal goals, we often forget to remember to just sit back and relax. Moreoften, we forget what's going on and it makes matters worse because we let it get one on us. Seriously - we'll always be stressed about something, and how we deal with it can minimize the situation and cope with it better.

I'll be honest with you - these past three weeks have been crap. Okay. They've been good since I'm a happy camper. But at the same time, stress wise, they've been awful. Better yet, it has nothing to do with my outside life, but my blogging life.

Before we go any futher, let me summarize what's been going on with me: I've been lacking in the blogging world. I've always been so organized, and I've always had everything done on time, with time to spare. But, having had my life turned upside down - it hasn't been easy. And I've literally had to choose between sleeping or blogging.

While having a new job and one that I love at that is great, adapting to it has made alot of things difficult. Especially because it's one hour away and when I get home, I have dinner, organize my life for the next day, and then go to sleep.

I also go on dates, but that's a whole another story for another time.

Still, that leaves me no time to live never mind do everything that blogging requires - and we all know how much there is to be done. I've done nothing at all and at the end of the day, that's what's been haunting me anywhere I go.

Anyway - starting tomorrow that's hopefully going to change and allow me to catch up on everything I've been missing out on. And the thought of that, is pretty darn stressing as there's so much I left behind, and so much that I need to do to take me back to where I was three weeks ago. 

Feeling disappointed in myself, and having had to deal with this for the past weeks have led me to realize that it's okay. It's okay to not always be on time, to not always be able to do what I want to do - to not be perfect. Life happens, and sometimes we need to make certain choices in life that we know we'll be able to sleep with.

I feel like the main key to getting over stress, or minimizing the effects that it has on us, is identifying exactly what is stressing us out. And then asking: is it really that important? Is it going to matter in X years? Will we remember what we were so stressed about in 5 weeks? Will we think back with a "I was so silly back then" thought? The answer to most of these questions is no. 

Stress is good up to a point - I've read alot of studies saying that we need to feel a certain amount of stress to perform as good as we need to. In fact, some of our best ideas pop up when we're stressed because it heightens our capacities to think. And if it's the type of stress that you can control, then it's pretty harmless to begin with. The problem here is letting it take over our lives.

 We just need to know how to balance it. I've gathered a list of the things I try to remember when I feel like my world is about to end. And things I try to go by everyday.

How I deal with pressure/stress:

#1 Getting enough sleep (Saw a big difference last week when I was sleeping about 5 hours a night);
#2 Giving yourself space to not think about it;
#3 Eating DARK chocolate (I mean dark chocolate. It helps the brain function better);
#4 Disconnecting from the world atleast once a week (I just turn everything off);
#5 Making sure you take time to do what you really love to do;
#6 Stop trying to be perfect (It's exhausting);
#7 Slow down (breath. breath. breath);
#8 Prioritize yourself (I mean sometimes, doesn't need to be 24/7);
#9 Don't be as easily distracted (this will stop you from getting anything accomplished in the first place);
#10 Remember that it's okay. Life goes on.

Ella x

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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Body Butter Favourites // The Body Shop

Anyone who knows me, knows how I am with my body butters and moisturizers. And if you don't know me, well, then I'll tell you: can't live without them, can't go a day without putting on any, and sincerely, I don't want to. There's nothing better than getting home from a work day, taking a long hot shower, and putting on a moisturizer afterwards. It's relaxing.

So, when I discovered The Body Shop a couple of years back, I went bananas in a span of minutes (by bananas I mean nearly broke). Let's just say that nowadays I realize that walking into the store was the biggest mistake of my life. And at the same time, the best. 

What I love most about The Body Shop is how natural everything is, how great the products smell and how amazing they are for any body part. Generally, when a brand is good at a category, it lacks in another. And I can safely say that this is a brand that is pretty much good at everything they do: from make up, to skincare, to hair products, to perfumes, to body care, to anything really. 

I have to be honest and say that I own a small TBD collection - and I'm obsessed with it and most of their ranges. But what I really love the most definitely has to be their body butters. They do wonders to my body and I've seen a major improvement in my skin ever since I started using them. They're my go-to, sort of holy grail items. And they're also pretty much a staple in any beauty regime: I don't know if you've noticed but everywhere I look there's always at least one of their products randomly standing there (is it just me?).

I think one of my favourite things is how much it focuses on a single ingredient, rather than mush alot of scents together and hope for the best, as most brands do.

No matter how drying my skin gets, no matter the weather changes, it seems that it banishes any harm done to the skin. Each scent is strong enough to stay on the skin for a few hours, which is what shocked me a little bit at first - I wasn't used to it and I always get the best compliments when I've used one of them on me that day (always hours later), and while the texture takes some getting used to, it's not greasy at all, a little goes a long way, and it absorbs quickly onto your skin. Seriously, what more can you ask for?

In case you've never tried any of their body butters: there are alot of sizes, and the mini one is perfect to carry around in your bag. Believe me when I say this though: they soften, moisturize, smooth and hydrate any type skin. You don't know which one to get? Ask the lady at the counter, they're always magnific at helping me out. The only downside? It's so good it almost makes you want to eat your own arm. Or buy the whole store. Or both.

I don't use them on their own: their body scrubs are just as good (if not better), but that'll be a post for another day, so you keep your eyes out for that.

I had a hard time picking out my two favourite body butters, but the White Musk Libertine and the Papaya Body Butter are the two I reach for in the morning or at night on a daily basis. They make me feel absolutely fine as a woman as I feel they both have the smell that I'd appreciate on another person as well. And I mean, usually if you like it on someone else, it means you'll like it on yourself as well right?

I'm naturally a floral and fruity scents kind of woman, which is what these two remind me of. So basically, they're perfect. Even if everything else I own are just as perfect.

Do you own any The Body Shop body butters? Are you as obsessed as me? Which one are your favourites?

Ella x

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Monday, 14 March 2016

25 Things I want to do before I turn 25

I truly believe that your twenties are the prime years of your life. It's that time where you develop a sense of independency and a sense of new beginnings. You basically feel like you can conquer the world if you put your mind to it or that it's the perfect time to figure yourself out - away from everything and everyone that's trying to shape you into someone you're not.

Being in your twenties doesn't mean you have to go all out or that it's "now or never". Far from it. Your life is yours to live as you please, and being 21 or 23 or 27 doesn't mean it's the only time you can do something you've always wanted to do - you can do whatever is tickling your pickle or imagination at anytime in your life. 

Going into your twenties can be difficult. Actually, it's really not all that it's made out to be. Especially if you don't know what you want to do with your life, or you have so much to pick from that you're stuck and don't know where to go. It's a time characterized by the uncertainty of who we are, why we're here, and what we're supposed to do with ourselves. Thinking about my life, my plans, and what I really want to get out of it has helped me figure out that I've really not done much with it - if anything at all. And while that makes me sad at times, it's also quite exciting as it means there's so much more to come.

At 23 years of age, I am aware I've accomplished quite a few things. But I still don't know who I am, I only know who I want to be. I'm also aware that there are quite a few things I haven't done simply because I'm scared. Which is why I say I've not done much with my life in the first place.

I do consider myself to be quite an exciting person as I like adventures and I don't really like to be still in life. I'm not the type of person to watch other people accomplish their dreams while I sit back and wonder "why can't that be me?". 

I guess I've come to the conclusion that there's only one thing I want to grow up knowing: that I've done everything and I've experienced everything I've wanted to do or experience. That I didn't miss any opportunities because I was scared that it might not be the right time. That I don't think back 80% the time and wonder "what if?".

That is why I decided to sit down and make a list of the 25 things I want to do before I turn 25 - which is only about a year and a half away (my birthday's on November 16th). Nowadays it seems that time runs past us, which is ultimately why I decided to do this now as opposed to waiting until I hit 24. 

So without further-a-do, these are the things I want to do with my life.

#1 Travel to another continent;
#2 Go on a blind date;
#3 Learn how to say no - most importantly, to myself (Chocolate, I'm eyeing you);
#4 Run half a marathon;
#5 Finish every book I've ever bought;
#6 Take more pictures (capture more moments);
#7 Step out of my comfort zone and try to do something I wouldn't otherwise;
#8 Volunteer;
#9  Hit a fitness goal;
#10 Do a roadtrip with my friends;
#11 Go to one place I've always wanted to go;
#12 Revisit places that made you who you are;
#13 Buy something I've always wanted but haven't had the guts to buy;
#14 Learn how to speak proper German;
#15 Attend more concerts;  
#16 Practice photography skills;
#17 Stop comparing myself to other people;
#18 Start saving money to move out;
#19 Choose myself more often;
#20 Go to more festivals (preferably in another country);
#21 Learn new things to cook (while at that: cook more often);
#22 Appreciate life a little bit more;
#23 Stop worrying so much about getting older and not having your life figured out;
#24 Go on more dates (basically, stop being so damn insecure); 
#25 Fall in love;

What are some things you want to accomplish before you hit a certain age? Or the best advice you have for all of this self doubt that plagues the twenties?

Ella x

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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Lipstick Product // Tag

For someone who is completely obsessed with lipsticks, it's weird how I have yet to do this tag. I mean, I think for someone who absolutely hates spending money, I have a serious problem when it comes to this part of the makeup world. Seriously - I've started developing a small collection thanks to Kiko and their inexpensive products. But we all know how much love I have for them, so I don't think it's necessary to go into detail.

Don't get me wrong, there are many brands I've yet to try - either because they're too expensive or because I just don't any way to without ordering them online. But I still have more than I use. Like with any other fashion item - there's always one we go to when we're in a rush and waking up at 6AM everyday, believe me when I say that I'm always in a rush.

Anything Sally does, I'm always flattered when she pays the tiniest amount of attention to me. So when she tagged me to do this - I was left in a babbling blushing mess. And then I was excited because it's been the sort of thing I've been wanting to do for a while. 

As someone who has pretty big lips, I don't really have to wear any. People have the tendency to noticed them on their own, but I always feel prettiest when I do. And it's something I like applying throughout the day - it's a mood booster, let's put it like that. Plus there's always something better to look at, right? And on those sort of days we need it, it's always a good distraction.

What is your favourite balm or treatment? // I'm pretty basic when it comes to lip treatments. Obviously, as someone who has big lips, if they're dry they're easier noticed as well. One thing I've always made sure to do is put vaseline on my lips before I go to bed. It's always been a go to because I love how my lips feel in the morning when I use it - so moisturized and nice. On the days that I do forget - and they're more than you think, and I notice my lips going a bit dry I always put it on in the morning and go on about getting ready and then apply the lipstick at the end. 

What is your favourite eye catching red? // I'd have to say I'm smitten with the Luscious Cream Lipstick in the colour 509. It's the most moisturizing, easy to put on, easy to build up red I've ever owned and it's the one I find myself going for whenever I need a bit more of oomph in my life (which for some reason is not available anywhere on the Kiko website).

Best luxury and drugstore product? // I don't actually own any luxury products. Honestly - I'm new to the whole makeup world. I've started a new job that requires me to use makeup everyday so I'm slowly getting more and more into it everyday and I see myself slowly saving up to buy better quality products. But for now, I don't own any. As for drugstore products - I own quite a few and I have to say my absolute favourite has to be the Maybelline Baby Lips range. I like these because they have quite alot of different shades going around as well, and they're quite hydrating on the lips and most importantly, look gorgeous. They're the ones I've been using on my lips daily because the colours look so darn well on my lips. 

Best Mac Lipstick? // I don't own a MAC product. Anything at all. Don't get me wrong, I know how good quality they are and I do want to try them out (Ok, I actually have because my bestfriend has owned a few MAC products). But at the same time I know there are better brands out there with alot more quality so I'm always left wondering if they're actually worth the money. I know they are, but I'm always undecided so I always end up walking away. Seriously - the lady who works there must be tired of me already.

Anyway, if I absolutely had to buy one (and I do, but should I? The eternal question) it would definitely have to be Fanfare (Mid-tone Yellow Pink)

Most disappointing lip product? // This wasn't a disappointing product per say because I absolutely loved it. It was disappointing because I never found any other available at the store and years later, I'm still yearning for it. I don't even remember the name - the only thing I do know is that it was one of the most delicious, hydrating lip balms I've ever owned. I was obsessed with it because it tasted of coconut and all I wanted was to rub it on my lips all day long. Now I don't know the name, or where to find it. So I'm disappointed in myself and whoever doesn't sell them any more in Portugal. 

Don't get me wrong - I know where I bought it. But it was such a long time ago that the ladies can't help me figure out which one it is. 

Lipliner yes or no? // I think liplines can be quite useful and I have a 70 year old aunt who wears lipstick (and heels!!!!) everyday who's always telling me to buy one and use it everyday. Which I understand why - I think they make the lipstick pop out more for some reason. But, I've never owned or tried any. I don't consider it important enough for me to spend money on. I prefer chocolate. Can you blame me?

Favourite lipgloss? // I like lipglosses, but I don't wear them as often as I'd like to. More because they stick everywhere and as someone who has pretty untamed curly hair, it always sticks to my lips and it's not really comfortable. I work somewhere that it's always pretty windy (around airplanes) so this is an awful idea. On the occasion that I do decide to put it on, I have to say I absolutely love the Juicy Tubes range by Lancome, my favourite being in the colour 052. 

Anything else? // A question. In terms of lipstick, which brand can't you see yourself without? Because for someone who is in love with lipsticks I admit I'm still a bit afraid to venture out from those that I'm completely in love with so I ask you this - if there's one lipstick you'd absolutely recommend me to try out - no matter the price, which one would it be?

What kind of lipsticks do you like to wear the most?

Ella x

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Monday, 7 March 2016

Did I really need a new bag in my life?

I need to begin by saying that I didn't need any other bag in my wardrobe. I already own a fair amount. Do I own a designer bag? No. Do I own absolutely breath taking bags? Yes. We all need to start somewhere when it comes to owning good quality accessories. There's always that one store you go to because you absolutely love everything. It's the first step towards going completely bananas and thinking you should start saving up for a designer one.

We know how much love I have for this brand (seriously, the workers always recognize me and my family when we go in because we go in that much), and so I thought it'd be safe for me to walk into the store just to look around. I had no intention whatsoever to buy a new bag - especially because I have a specific one I need to take with me to work everyday and we're not allowed to take our own. So really - I only wanted to look around. Then I saw this bag. And it was looking at me with that "I know you want me" look on it. Let's also say my grandmother didn't really help me when she specifically told me to buy it. Why not, right?

I've actually been getting better at stuffing random things inside my bag, which has made me want to carry around smaller bags so I can make sure I only got what I need and no more than that.

I'm the kind of person who when she gets a present she really loves, or buys something new, I become obsessed with it, and then I use it everyday until I find something a bit closer to my heart. It helped me with the bag my bestfriend got me for my birthday and it happened with this one as well. Seriously - I only take it to the gym with me. But that's something as that's the only place I go to when I'm not at work.

Essentially, this is the perfect size bag for the pretty basic everyday bits - you get your wallet in, along with a couple of lipsticks, powder, concealer and hand cream, your phone, your keys, and if you're lucky, a small notebook for your random blog ideas

We all know how excited I am for Spring to come, and how much I want to redo my whole wardrobe - I think I'm in need to step up my fashion game, and so I picked this little something as my first Spring purchase. This is the kind of colour that goes with everything and anything because it is the classic brown bag. 

I mean, how pretty is this bag? How could I resist it?

Has this ever happened to you? What's your favourite bag to wear?

Ella x

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Friday, 4 March 2016

Things that make me happy

One of the most common answers to "Where do you want to be in 5 years?" is usually "Happy". We often forget that we can be happy in the moment because we're too stressed thinking about something else. 

If you really think about it, it's the little things which allow us to go further in life. Small steps, in the long run, are longer - bigger steps towards something. Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect, it'll never mean that. Being happy is being in the now - it's whatever keeps you going in the morning, day after day, and that puts a smile on your face or that you look forward to. 

We often forget to live in the moment because we're too busy thinking "When this changes" or "When I finally get that, I'll be happy" and we don't appreciate exactly what's in front of us. Then, when we finally get to that point, or achieve something we'd been wanting for a while, we think back "I should have been happy when that happened".

When I got the news that I finally got the job I wanted, had been wanting for absolute ages, it was a relief. A breath of fresh air let's say. Truthfully, it was something I needed and something I'd always claim to be the one thing to bring happiness onto my life. "I'll finally be happy" I remember telling my bestfriend. Then when it happened I asked myself "Now what? Am I happy, just like that?". The answer was no. I was happy yes, more than ecstatic to finally have goten something I wanted. It helped me see a brighter future ahead, to know that my life will in fact get better. But I wasn't that kind of happy that happy means - atleast what I think it means. Point is, you know when you're happy right? At least I hope so.

But we're human beings and we will always strive for more - for better. There will always be something that I want more, something that I think will make me happier in the long run. Back then I was in a position that would never allow me to be truly happy in the first place as I was always obsessing with something else that might or might not happen in the future. And that's when I finally realized - it's the little things that are important

Essentially, that's why I decided to come up with a list of things that make me happy. When putting together this list, one thing became very apparent - most of these were things, places, hobbies, that brought me memories of a certain moments in time, experiences with family or friends. Or even experiences by myself. This only helped me realize further that these connections are what matter most in life. 

It's also a way for me, and maybe for you too, to look back to when I or you need a reminder to be happy with life and the small things around us.

42 Things that make me happy

#1 Doing random acts of kindness to others;
#2 Seeing other people do a random act of kindness;
#3 Seeing people happy, smiling, laughing;
#4 A good sense of humor (because I have a weird one);
#5 Having said that: making my friends laugh. Or anyone really;
#6 Having someone tell me they're happy to see me, and know they mean it;
#7 Hanging out with my friends;
#8 My bestfriend and seeing her beautiful face;
#9 Looking in the mirror and liking what I see. I know it's going to be a good day;
#10 The smell of rain in the morning;
#11 Winter. 
#12 But being in the sea makes me happy too;
#13 Getting a hug from people I love;
#14 Going into a secondhand book store. The smell of old books is wow;
#15  So pretty much, adding books to my collection;
#16 Reading a book that makes want more at the last page;
#17 While we're on that subject: Harry Potter;
#18 Wearing red lipstick that doesn't smudge just by breathing;
#19 Buying new lipsticks that I know I won't get tired of;
#20 Freshly painted nails or a good make up day;
#21 Learning new words and putting them to use afterwards;
#22 A good old cappuccino or latte on a Sunday afternoon;
#23 Massive cups of green tea;
#24 Going to the gym and sweating my ass off;
#25 But eating M&M's just as much;
#26 I wake up excited everyday to have breakfast (oatmeal);
#27 Baking and eating the dough before it goes in the oven; 
#28 Dancing by myself in the kitchen whilst cooking or baking;
#29 Looking in the mirror and liking what I see. I know it's going to be a good day;
#30 Having the right song come up to the radio at the right time;
#31 Rediscovering old songs;
#32 The feeling of being organized and on time;
#33 Getting mugs as presents (I collect mugs);
#34 Seeing the look on people's faces when I get them a present they wanted;
#35 Traveling to a new country; 
#36 Exploring a new city, learning about new cultures, seeing new faces;
#37 But spending time alone is just as important to me;
#38 The smell of burning candles, or just fall scents;
#39 Sleeping more (sleep well and waking up rested);
#40 Watching documentaries and learning something new;
#41 The idea of growing old;
#42 The idea of creating a family;
#42 Blogging;

What are a few things that make you happy? Do you have a list of your own?

Ella x

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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Wrist Essentials #2

One should never underestimate the power of good accessories - the perfect accessory can make or break an outfit. Really, if you think about it, sometimes they help you in feeling better with what you're wearing, bring your self-esteem a little bit higher. Am I the only one who thinks like this? I don't think so. I mean, it is materialistic to think this way but essentially, it's the truth. 

Sure, who we are and how comfortable we are within ourselves also plays a huge factor. At the end of the day we all wish we were judged based on our mental capacities, as opposed to how we look, what we're wearing or better, who we're wearing. Unfortunately in our society, we know it doesn't work like that.

A while ago I had a post go up on what I find are, to me, Wrist Essentials. I've always thought that a good watch is essentially like a good pair of heels or a really good bag. But the choice of which watch to buy and to wear is all personal, it all depends on what you're looking for. Seriously, there are so many great brands out there with so many different types of watches, that understanding your personal taste is key to being comfortable with wearing a watch. 

Like I mentioned in my previous post, there are many things to take into consideration and I feel that at times people over look that with wanting to buy because it's 'in' or because it's the prettiest (I am guilty of the last one as well though). I'm just fortunate to know a thing or two, and to have received so many over the course of my very short life (23 is short right?).

Some people dream for years of owning a Chanel Classic bag, some prefer spending money on other brands or other pieces of clothing, while others think it's stupid to spend that much money on anything. I don't know where I fit into that group but personally, as much as I like owning a good bag, I much prefer owning a good watch. 

Again, I'm not obsessed with collection watches - at all. But in a very unlady like way, I have to admit I own more watches than any other type of jewelry, even if I am attempting to change that. 

Either way, I decided to add a part 2 to the round up of my favourite watches. I have the tendency to always go for the same two: the Omega shown in the previous post, and my Rolex. You have to know that most of these are men watches - which I don't mind one bit because they're all quite beautiful and I love wearing them.

Most of these are quite old, hence the lack of links, so I apologize for that. Let me know which one is your favourite.

What kind of watch do you wear on a daily basis? Is it the watch you've always wanted?

Ella x

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