Friday, 12 February 2016

Look of the Day // Last Minute Date Night (Staples)

Chosing an outfit can be a hassle. Furthermore when they're last minute and you're freaking out thinking you have nothing left in your closet to wear. Wether you've been married for 5 or 10 years, you're celebrating an event, you just started seeing someone new, or you're going out with your group of friends, you will freak out. End of story.

Alright, it's not really the end of it, but we all know how annoying it is to have about ten outfits you love and when time rolls around, nothing looks like you expected it to look. You're starting to lose confidence in yourself, and wondering if you really should go. Honestly, getting dressed for a day or a night out is a challenge in itself. And trying to look like you're not trying too hard can be strenuous and troublesome. This happened to me last week, so I figured, why not make a post on this?

At times like these, you don't have much time to chose what you want to wear, or to go out and buy anything at all, which is where staples come into play. I have a really bad habit of wearing what I love most, instead of going back to an item I've only worn once or twice. I'm aware that confidence is the sexiest outfit you can wear on a date night - no matter who you're with. Which is probably why I do it in the first place.

If it's last minute, chances are you don't have something new to rock on.

Dates: I've never been much of a dater, but I'm pretty certain they're not about only wearing dresses, that might be bodycon or more on the loose side (ok, a dress is what I first put on but I hated seeing me with it, which is when I went into the whole 'I have nothing to put on' phase), or having alot of skin on show, or even about looking nothing like yourself. It's about what makes you feel good, and about being and feeling comfortable in yourself and what you're wearing. 

There's alot of things that should be taken into consideration when you're getting ready for a night out. For example, are you going to the movies? A fancy restaurant? A pub? A group date? Or is it a surprise? Whatever style it is, and whatever season you're in, it's probably an evening you want to remember for days to come.

This was a group friends type of date, nothing out of the ordinary, but something I wanted to still look good for.

This is what I went with:

#1 I have my beloved Zara Body Curve Five Pocket Jeggings, that are the most comfortable and pretty pair of pants I've ever owned, and honestly - they make my ass look incredible (not pictured because well, I wasn't gonna do that). I chose these instead of the classic coloured jeans because I thought they would match with my lipstick, and go well with black.

#2 Although it is winter, and it was a bit cold, I decided to put on one of my favourite tops (Similar here: (1)), because it makes me feel fun, and flirty, but still maintains a touch of classy look to it.

#3 Then there's the famous Tiffosi Jacket. I mean, it's been my go-to in this really undecisive weather. I feel like it's all I've been wearing - but I promise you I own more coats/jackets.

#4 I've never been much of a heels type of girl. I mean, I like heels, but to be fair I have pretty big feet for a short girl - which means not everything looks good on my feet. Last year, I couldn't resist the chelsea heeled boots trend, so whilst in Primark, I saw these and went for it. They were my first pair of this kind, and while I'll be replacing them soon, they'll always be a bit special (I'm sentimental, I know). They were also in sales and cost me about 6€. Bargain.

#5 We all know how much I've been trying to change the fact that I carry too much inside a bag. Things I don't need, things I forget that I have, but things I can't seem to get rid of because "I might need them". So I've been trying to go for the whole small bag type of thing, and went for a Mango bag that I bought last year. Here are similar ones to it: (1) (2) one, that I bought last year.

#6 I have a pretty crafty grandmother, and she made me this necklace to take to a wedding last year and I haven't parted ways with it ever since. Absolutely in love with it.

What are your go to staples when you have a last minute date and you think you have nothing to wear? Has this ever happened to you, or is it only with me?

Ella x

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