Monday, 22 February 2016

Look of the Day // Body Curve Zara Jeggings

It's pretty easy to get lost in the world of fashion when you always find something you love and you weren't even looking for it in the first place.

I think one of the biggest issues girls have is finding the perfect pair of basic jeans when there are so many options: colored, moto, paneled, ripped, among others. Then there's the whole situation where you think you found the perfect pair, you try them on and it either looks pretty lose on your stomach, and too tight on your legs, or the other way around - seriously, am I the only one who has these issues?

I mean, there's always things you should take into consideration when buying a good pair of jeans: will they fit? Will they be flattering on your body (most importantly, your ass)? Are they comfortable enough? How will you style them once you purchase a pair? Is it worth the money?

Funnily enough, these pretty much fit into all the characteristics I'm looking for in jeans. Leave it to Zara to somehow always work up the the most beautiful items. Yeah, they've always been one of my favourite clothing brands: they're always on trend, and the quality is over the top. The only issue I have with them is how expensive they truly are. But really, everytime I walk into one of their stores, I instantly find something I'll become obsessed with until I can buy it for myself. And these? They were worth every penny.

They are known as the 'Body Curve Jeggings' (£22.99), and you might have seen them in previous posts: LOF Casual or LOD Last Minute Date Night (in a different colour). But I didn't think I had shown them enough love, so I decided to feature them once again.

I remember the first time I went into a Zara store, me being more on the chubby side, I was completely amazed at everything, and worried nothing was going to fit me. To this day, that still plays a big part of wether or not I'm going to give in into trying out their jeans to see if they fit as well as I wish they did. I'm always worried they're not going to fit correctly. But they (almost) always do.

Sometime around last year, my bestfriend (she has a blog too, go check her out) bought a pair from their 'Body Curve' line for herself, and I remember loving the way they fit onto her body. how comfortable they looked and how soft to the touch they were. The thought of needing to buy them for myself was stuck into my head until I completely gave in and told my family I need a few pairs for my birthday.

I know what you're thinking "Wait, she's talking about jeans and yet these are called jeggings". If I'm pretty honest with you. I don't notice any difference between these particular jeggings and jeans. They feel like jeans, fit like jeans, and look like jeans.

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it's a duck. Right?

Pretty much everything I thought was correct. Anything goes with these, and you can pair them with anything depending on how you're feeling or on the occasion. Here I paired them with a basic black turtle neck (similar here), as well as a Zara green jacket (similar here). Being high waisted is another plus as it helps accentuate the best part of your body (personally, it's what I love most). They're also super skinny fit, and have a good amount of stretch which fits your body shape and stick to it like no other jeans (yeah, yeah - jeggings) I've ever worn. I think they're pretty much perfect for all year round. 

Seriously - you've probably already noticed I haven't stopped wearing them since I first got them last year on my birthday. When I truly buy something I love, I have the tendency to over wear until they're not wearable anymore - and this works beauty wise as well. There's no need in spending money when you're not certain if it's something you're going to use in the first place. I'm also pretty certain that I don't own anything else as comfortable as these.

I think need more pairs of these. Just because.

Have you ever tried these out? What are your favourite pair of jeans to wear on a daily basis?

Ella x

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