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Kiko Cosmetics // Crystal Sheer and Luscious Cream Lipsticks Review

Kiko has been a brand I've been raving about since, I'm sure, I started this blog. Truthfully, it's not a brand I've explored in depth - being obsessed with their lipsticks, it's the first thing I look for when I go into one of their stores, and then I have the tendency to lose myself. Nonetheless, everything I've tried so far I always end up falling in love with. 

Incase you're not yet aware, this italian company was founded in 1997 and their main purpose is to allow all beauty lovers to treat themselves to whatever they please, without having to worry how long they're (I say they, I mean me) going to have to save money for to be able to buy that gorgeous palette they've had their eyes set on for a while. One of the main things I love about Kiko, is how much it showcases the fact that you don't need to sell an arm to have good quality products. This is not to say everything is perfect - far from it. We all know how there's always a disappointing product, and how that goes for every brand out there.

Seriously, I'm starting to believe Kiko cannot create a lipstick I won't become obsessed with. Their formulas, pigmentation and colours are perfect and exactly what I'm always looking for. Even if I go into the store looking for something else.

As pink and red have been my shades for these past months, and are probably going to continue on being so throughout the summer, these had to be the colours I bought last time I was in. It seems as everytime I review a product, do a make up post, or comment on any of your blog posts, I always claim to have a certain favourite lipstick. And they're always different. And always from Kiko. 

I've always said I'm not an expert when it comes to make up, but I've always been a lipstick kind of girl. Even if before venturing into this world, I only did so at home. I've tried alot of brands, alot of different formulas, and I find that these particular lipsticks always make my lips feel entirely smooth and beautiful.

// From left to right, we have the Crystal Sheer Lipstick in 409 (Dark Pink Flamingo), in 414 (Mauve), 417 (Pink Flamingo) and Luscious Cream Lipstick in 509 (Sensual red) //

I picked them up for different reasons, but especially because I instantly fell in love with the glossiness of the formula when I tried it on. As well as the packaging. I mean, yeah, it took me a good minute to understand how they work (the top pops down to open), but it's also what differs them from other lipsticks from the same range (that I'm aware of).

Additionally, they keep my lips moisturized, even on those days where I forget to apply a balm beforehand. The formula is not particularly long lasting, but it stayed on for about 4 hours after I applied (Alot of swipes. I went full out with all of them), but the texture is quite smooth and feels very comfortable on the lips. Not to mention they look even better on the lips than they do on their own. 

Don't get me wrong, they sit between a balm, gloss, stain and lipstick. But that has alot to do how you apply it, and how much you apply. Seriously, they're not called 'matte' for a reason. 

The first in the colour 409, I fell in love with after one use: what I like about this lipstick is how natural sheer-like my lips look after applying just a tiny amount. You can basically go from a bit of colour on the lips, to very pigmented in a matter of seconds. It depends on how comfortable you are with wearing certain shades. Being that 414 is a very dark burgandy type of lipstick, it's also very buildable, and the one I'd suggest if you're undecided on wether or not you can rock a red lipstick. Only because it's not a bright red lipstick at all, and you can either wear this with a single swipe, or build up the opacity once you feel more comfortable wearing brighter colours on. Another blessing for dry lips and brighter lipsticks, is the colour 417, but I won't go much into it - you already know that it was calling my name before I even opened to check if it was as pink as I thought. 509 *** - I already owned a matte bight red lipstick from Kiko, but matte isn't always my go-to on the days I'm feeling more lazy, so I thought to myself "one more red lipstick won't hurt". And I don't regret one single thing.

*** If you're wondering how this looks on this lips, I did a makeup look on it for Valentine's Day

// From left to right 509, 414, 417 and 409 //

Have you ever tried any of these lipsticks? Or tried any Kiko ones at all? What are your favourites?

Ella x

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  1. 414 looks so pretty. I really want to go and buy some kiko products. X

  2. I love kiko products. All lipstick colours are beautiful. Need to check them out ❤
    XO Pisa

  3. I love kiko products. All lipstick colours are beautiful. Need to check them out ❤
    XO Pisa


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