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How to get over being single on Valentine's Day

This is the time of the year where love is in the air. Being single doesn't mean you need to find this week or this month, depressing. Honestly, having been single on every Valentine's Day means that I'm pretty used to it by now, so it's pretty much like any other day for me.

I mean, ok, I am going to buy my favourite chocolate (M&M's incase you were wondering). I am using this as an excuse to eat as much as I want. For being my favourite chocolate, I haven't actually any in a while. Anyway, I truly believe that we shouldn't wait all year around to spread the love. Love is a great thing. Love brings positivity. And positivity is a step closer to being happy.

I do understand that it's hard to see what everyone has to offer someone else, and to see what other people are doing on such a romantic day, and being bombarded with romantic comedies (or dramas) on TV, and "what you should buy for your loved one on Valentine's Day" posts and the never ending advertisements basically, everywhere.

Believe me when I say, there are many things you can do - just celebrate in in your own way. Make it your day, do whatever you want. Be like me and stay at home watching movies and munching on alot of M&M's, or go out with your friends and do something you enjoy. 

Here's what you can do:

#1 Get some perspective. Honestly. Just because you're single, doesn't mean you're going to be alone for the rest of your life. Just as alone, doesn't mean you're lonely. Not everyone that actually has a date and something planned for the big old 14th of February is happy. 

#2 Remember why being single is a good thing. You don't have to make any compromises to anyone, and as hard as it may be at times, you get to chose what you do and when you do it without needing to explain why or how to anyone. Seriously, what's better than you time? Go on a you date. Reconnect with yourself.

#3 Treat yourself.  If you're actually sad about the fact that you don't have anything special planned, it's pretty easy to find a solution. Actually plan something. Pamper yourself. Gather up whoever else is single in your life and go to the movies, buy your favourite food, stay at home and read a book, plan a spa day with family or friends. Have a foodie night. Go out to see a new play, a new comedy or a drama if that's what you're into. Cook for yourself and spend time on you. Use your favourite ingredients, and dance around in the kitchen to that song you're loving so much. Get your nails done. Do stuff that matters and is most important for you. 

Make yourself feel special because guess what? You are special. And beautiful. Who says you need someone else to feel like this?

#4 Dress to impress. Not for anyone else, but for yourself. Just feel good. If you need, challenge yourself and go out to a bar and chat someone up. Meet new people. Personally, bars aren't really my scene. And I'm a bit shy when it comes to chatting people up first, but not everyone is like me. So take a chance for yourself, there's nothing better than believing you can. 

#5 Remember how much money you're saving with this. There's not much to this. Seriously, I know giving someone you love, something they love, is the best feeling ever. But we all know that saving money feels pretty good at the end of the month. Save up to go on a trip later on. Or to buy that palette you've been wanting for so long.

#6 Challenge yourself. Do something you've always wanted to do, but have been afraid to for a while. Personally, the first I'd do would be Sky diving. That's on my top list of things to do before I die. Who knows, maybe I will. 

Volunteering is also something I'd suggest - soup kitchen, food banks, pet shelters, anything really. I'm not saying "only do this on this particular day", but all year around. Spreading this kind of positivity and love on people who need it the most will make you much happier and fullfilled than you think. Volunteer and try to change someone's else life, as opposed to obsessing wether or not you have someone to make out with. Some people spend most of the year alone, and this is a scary thought in itself.

#7 Appreciate your life. Find yourself. Be productive. Turn your phone off, get off social media, take some time off.

#8 Share the love. Fall in love. Tell the people you love, that you love them. Show love to the important people in your life. Don't spend time on the people you don't actually feel anything for, because that will be time you will never get back. And fall in love with everything surrounding you. Pick out a new hobby, find a new passion. Love is great.

#9 If everything else fails, turn to Netflix. I get the whole 'Netflix and chill' is much better if you have someone else to share that experience with. But really, Netflix by itself is good experience anyway. 

#10 You got 99 problems, and stressing about romantic gestures ain't one of them.

Do you have anything planned? Are you celebrating love with someone you love, or by loving yourself on your own? Let me know what you're doing, maybe we can chat on twitter about how fun it is to be single.

Ella x

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