Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Best of January

It's official - January already came and went. While I should be doing a January Favourites kind of post, I've gotta admit that the first month of 2016 was more about finding new things, than it was about loving things that I hadn't already loved the previous month. 

I don't know if you felt the same way, but January felt like a whole 6 months as opposed to only 31 days. It went by far too slow in comparison to 2015. So, it gave me an opportunity to find a lot of things I hadn't had the pleasure of knowing previously. I know this year is going to be a great year for everyone - I just have a feeling. And I'm happy and ready to start living. 

Blogging really has it's perks. Everyone's taste is different and everyone brings something new to the table, which is very exciting because it allows me (and probably you too) to discover products, books, clothes, homeware, books, sites and even other bloggers

There are many things I absolutely loved finding the past month that I know I'll be quite obsessed with in the future. And others, I'm excited to find out more on and excited to get more of too.

#1 As I said, beauty wise, I explored as much as possible, but I don't feel I had enough time to completely fall in love with a product and call it a 'January Favourites', but these three items, I found myself going back to quite a few times.

#2 There are two things I absolutely can't live without in my life, books and TV Shows (literally - I'm running out of things to watch). I find that on those days I don't want to do anything other than relax on the couch - I turn to TV Shows. I'm also a great multi tasker so when I'm usually doing blogging related things, or just searching away blogs, I like to put on something I really love and go with it. Also, I can't go one day without reading. In terms of TV Shows, I've become obsessed with The Shannara Chronicles - I have yet to read the books, but I can't even explain my love for it. Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey was a Christmas present, but I only really started reading it two weeks ago, so it counts as a January find, right?

#3 There are alot of things in the blogosphere I love, but recently I've been losing myself in series. I also always find myself going back to a few posts that were my absolutely favourite, and that I loved reading and rereading throughout the whole month.  

The Photography Series by Zoe Newlove

#4 A new blog discovery for me this month was A Girl, Obsessed. I can't get over anything that she brings and how beautiful everything is. It's almost too painful to look at as I always feel she has the best reviews on beauty products and they always end up being things I had no idea existed at all. Also, she has alot of posts on different topics ideas and blogging advice if you're ever in a place where inspiration doesn't come to you.

#5 I think we can all agree when I say music is key. I can't go a day without listening to a random playlist on Spotifiy. And yeah, there are a couple of songs that have me looking like a 10 year old girl, jumping and dancing and singing in the middle of my room by myself. The past month I found three playlists "Just Great Songs", "New Music", "Get Happy!" and let me tell you, I've been obsessed with everything on them. Currently listening to "Just Great Songs", no shame at all.

#6 Roundups are thing now, aren't they? I only came to this conclusion maybe, last week, when I found myself with several different tabs open of Instagram roundups. Like, how in the world do people do that? Because I mean - I try. But no. It doesn't work on me, as I don't think that's my thing.

The first is by Sally at DiagonSally, and the second is by Mary-Katherine at Goldhattedlover.

#7 Three newsletters I absolutely recommend you subscribe to are The Girl Gang by the lovely Jemma, Tea Beauty Party by the lovely Hayley, as well as Rekita Nicole's by well, Rekita. They're always newsletters I always look forward to getting in my inbox, and well - if I love them, you probably will to. 

#8 Last but not least, this might sound silly but I've also been loving planning out the future of the blog - things I want to talk about, series I want to start, posts coming up, and over all, really growing and learning with everyone I have the pleasure of become friends with through blogging.


The lovely design at the top was drawn by the beautiful Garance DorĂ© 

What were your absolute favourite finds of the past month? Or anything that brought you happiness on the first month of the year.

Ella x

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  1. Love love love your blog Ella, I discovered a girl obsessed too! She's great isn't she?!


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