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A Purifying and Mattifying Mask that actually works // Sephora Mud Mask Review

I'm an enthusiast when it comes to proper skincare and out of all different face masks that exist, mud masks have to be my absolute favourite. When I got this as a Christmas present last year, I was over the moon as I had always heard this was considered a Glam Glow Tingle Exfoliate Mud Mask dupe - and honestly, as much as I want to try it out, the downside of it is the price tag that comes attached. 

I know I'm not the only one who is more than happy to combine both efficiency, affordability or quality in just one product. And for a drugstore item, let me tell you that the quality is over the top, essentially because it's a mask that has a bit of an oomph to it. I don't know how to explain it other than its luxury look and luxury feel, makes all the difference from others I've tried previously. 

Basically, if you want to compare both, the Sephora mask is at least 4 times less the price and you get quite alot of product (nearly 2 ounces). Its texture is heavy, thick, gray (although it does look kinda blue when it dries) and slightly chunky. It dries off faster than most face products as well, and the only thing I have to say that I know other people won't like, is its smell. It reminds me of a spa like smell, with a medicinal touch to it. The packaging? Beautiful.

I know you're probably thinking: "okay, but I'm not going to buy a product just because it looks luxurious". I get what you mean - I usually don't as well. I prefer quality over 'prettiness', but I also am aware that packaging plays an important factor when someone is wondering wether or not it should be bought.

First - it contains copper and zinc, and that by itself should be a plus in your book. They are both known for their healing and drying properties as they are the kind of ingredients that don't make your skin feel or look completely dried out and stripped of the essentials oils on the face. Because it is a 'mud mask', it's quite gentle and claims to help you by removing its impurities, unclogging your pores and reducing the appearance of blemishes. 

The question is, does it do exactly that? My answer to you is mostly, yeah. For me, it gives me more of a mild cleanse than anything else, but that's because my skin has a life of its own. After using it once, I instantly saw a big difference in the redness of my face and it felt silky smooth. I think this has alot to do with the fact that this mask relies on pure kaolin and china clay that help with that. Also, compared to other face masks - it doesn't cause me to break out afterwards.

My T-zone has the tendency to get more oily, and although I'm aware that this should be used on people with rather dry skin, I won't stop using it as it did wonders for me. It's certainly perfect for a middle of the week usage, and has become a staple for me.

I have to say though, if you want to use this to 100%, use it after you completely 'open' your pores - try going old school and steaming your face with a stainless steel bowl with hot water, and put a towel over your head. You'll see a really big difference. 

There's something that needs to be said: I weirdly felt like I was in a spa when I put it on - but I do blame that on the fact that when I first opened it, the smell reminded me of a spa, so the mind could have played me  and I wouldn't have known. 

Have you ever tried this mask? Do you see a big difference on your face when you do? If not, what's a face mask you can't ever part ways with? Let me know what you think in the comments. 

Ella x

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