Friday, 8 January 2016

Favourite Bloggers of 2015

I created my blog late in October when I got a really upsetting call letting me know I hadn't gotten into my dream job - I needed to get everything off of my chest. I had always wanted to create one, but never had the guts to. I had no idea how much I'd enjoy it, or I would have created it sooner. 

Let's be real, there are so many bloggers out there and I follow quite alot of them - from food, to beauty, to fashion, to lifestyle and online content / html blogs. And I love every single one of them. They're a source of inspiration, and at times, a breath of fresh air too. I love seeing people commited to their passion.

Throughout these past few months, I've been pretty fortunate to discover amazing, genuine, unique, inspirational people (Woof, that's a mouthful. But honestly, the adjectives could go on). People I look up to, people who show me everyday the side of blogging I've always wanted to be a part of. People who even though I don't personally know, make me proud. 

I decided to select a few and share them with you. They are people I recommend you add to your 2016 list. If you don't follow any of them - you're missing out big time. They're all incredible individuals with such creative minds. The kind of people I want to be when 'I grow up'.

They all bring individuality to the world of blogging. With the community growing so fast, it's sometimes hard to differenciate who truly loves what they do, and who is looking towards making easy money. In every single one of these bloggers, I can see a passion and a fire behind what they're doing, what they're writing. Basically, they're great at it. To me, they're some of the best in their sphere and they always come out with exceptional reviews, tips, help guides, advice (anything really) that you might be looking for.

This is not to say that I didn't love anyone else. I did. I do. I love the investment behind every blog, and there are so many other people out there that I follow daily - and that I'll continue on following. I keep discovering new bloggers everyday. But for the moment, these are in the tops of the tops of the tops of my list. And all #1.

What does it take for someone to get on your favourite bloggers list? What kind of things inspire you? This is what I want to know.

This is also my way to say thank you to every single one of you who contributes to the world of blogging. And who contributes to my growth. Even if you're not at all aware of that.

They are also in no particular order. And yes, I'm aware that some of them have more than one theme, but I'm putting them up for what I love most about their blog. What, sort of, tingles my soul.

Beauty // Fashion Bloggers

Pam Scalfi at Pamscalfi 
Oliva Grace at What Olivia Did
Ella Gregory Cocoa's Tea Party

Life Bloggers 

Meg Says at Megsays
Jemma Humphreys at Dorkface

Online Content (tools, tips, html)

Let me know who made it onto your favourite bloggers of 2015. I'm also thinking about doing more of these as I go along, what do you think?

Ella x

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