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5 easy steps for a healthier skin

When it comes to skin, we are all aware that it is an important part of the body. Maybe even the most important of it all - I mean, it is the largest and fastest growing organ in our body. Wanting perfect skin is something I imagine everyone strives for. Chances are, if there's been an article on a magazine, a blog post, a video on youtube, or even something on the news, I've probably already attempted to do it,

Some people win the hereditary lottery when it comes to having a good skin. That's not my case - it's always felt like something slipping away from me when I was so close to achieving it (well I mean, achieving a good skin within my bad skin). But I truly believe that what we're given is only the beginning of our skins history - how we take care of it, be that a good beauty routine or a pampering at times, is the end result. Sometimes, even when we don't see a result right away, it doesn't mean we won't in the future.

Taking good care of your skin can keep your skin healthy for years to come. And although we all know we like to pamper every now and again (hey, we deserve it), we don't need the most expensives products or the most intensive routine to actually have a healthy skin.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a dermatologist (far far far from it), nor am I an expert on all types of skin, but with all the problems I've had over the years, and with all the appointments and treatments I've done (and recommendations I've attempted), I like to think I do know a thing or two.

This year I promised I'd take better care of myself, and that includes my skin. So I rounded up a few tips I've learned over the years. These are things I sill go by everyday and that have helped me immensely.

#1 A good (and simple) skincare routine.

More is not necessarily better. This might sound strange to you but overusing products is the biggest mistake in our routines.

But be careful with the products you choose: daily cleansing actually takes a toll on our skin. Especially if it's a harsh one. You'll end up stripping your skin of its moisture and its protective oils. For example, I have large pores, breakouts and a Type 3 skin, but I cannot exfoliate everyday otherwise I'll end up irritating my skin further.

Have a routine that you enjoy doing everyday and make sure you stick with it. If you're getting bored of your routine, or you know that it's not actually doing anything for it (only maintaining what you already have), then it's time for a change.

Also, make sure to apply sunscreen everyday. and make sure it's at the least with a SPF 30. Even in the winter.

#2 Exfoliating.

Exfoliate once or twice a week. Just because I said we need to be careful with the harshness of our routine, doesn't mean "Don't wash it everyday!". It's exactly the opposite. Removing the top layer of dead skin will help prevent breakouts and blemishes, and keep it glowy.

Just don't do it everyday. Two times a week is a perfect amount of time.

A good exfoliator depends on your type of skin: for dry, chose one with no additional cleaning agents, and for oily, one that offers deep scrubing.

#3 Switch moisturizers every seasonal change. 

Your skin needs different things throughout the year. But having said this, the most important thing is to know your skin so you can use the right products at the right time. Use a lighter moisturizer in the Summer (with a high SPF / add sunscreen to your routine) and a heavier one in the Winter.

A good moisturizer will protect your skin and help you improve it.

#4 Take your makeup off.

Realize that you need to properly take it off. Seriously. We've all been there - getting home from a busy day, or a night out, or you're just so lazy that you end up forgetting and once you do remember, you don't want to get up from bed anymore.

Let's be realistic: make up clogs your pores with dirt, which leads to breakout and blemishes (unless you're like a godess that has perfect skin and in that care, please share). The day you realize how gross to your skin it is to leave even a smudge behind, will be the day you'll start having pretty darn good skin.

With that being said: be gentle while taking it off. I've read this tip before and still swear by it: double cleansing when you're taking your makeup off is key for a clean skin. First, take your makeup off with a wipe, or a cotton pad, and then use a proper cleanser to fully clean the skin.

#5 A balanced diet.

I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life. Far from it. But having a balanced diet, with all the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs, is the key to a good skin. (i.e fruits and vegetables)

I've been the lazy type, and the day I got up and decided to change my life was the day that most problems my own skin had, disappeared. I still eat crap (can't resist, don't get me wrong, but I make sure to eat what my body needs, and I exercise, and that's helped me greatly.

Any type of exercise that makes you sweat, is a good exercise. Even yoga. Or playing Wii. Or a walk in the park. Make sure you sweat everyday. Sounds gross, I know, but it's a way to eliminate the toxic chemicals that build up under your skin.

(hydrate: water is so important to clean your whole body!!!!!)


What are your go to steps when it comes to your skin? Is there anything you've learned that you swear by? I'd love to know your tips.

Ella x

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