Monday, 11 January 2016

100 Years Old

Today's post is dedicated to my great grandmother, who turned 100 last tuesday. At the ripe of 100, I could say that she's quite healthy, and also quite there with her mind too. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know her, know that she's probably more sane than all of us put together. Which is a bit worrying in itself - she's also funnier, and can definitely dance better than I can.

The thing is, her life hasn't been at all easy, but whatever she went through, it really doesn't show on her spirit. I think people understand things differently when they get older. It's not about being mature, or seeing the colours when others see in black and white. It's really, understanding things better. Not being afraid to grow old. Accepting what you've gone through because you know it's life. She is a beautiful statement to that. She's still as feisty, as enthusiastic, as smart and as sharp as she was years ago. Truth be told, she doesn't even look her age, and her energy outshines all of ours put together.

I can't say I've spent every other weekend, every other month with her. I haven't, and I regret that because I don't really know how long I'll still have with her. But she's still my great grandmother, and someone who makes me proud to be able to call family.

This past weekend, one of her grandsons (I say he's my uncle, but he's really my cousin) decided to throw her a surprise birthday party. And I know what you're all thinking - wait, is that a good thing for a 100 year old? Yes, we were worried - her health is something we take very seriously. And there were also alot of people she hadn't seen in a while. People we know she'd be shocked to see, and people that would remind her of people who are no longer with us. 

It was one of those occasions where you see family members you don't even remember, people you only see on weddings or when someone dies. Or on occasions like this. There's alot of people from all over the country - people who came specifically because they wanted to show her that she's loved. I got to "re-meet" alot of family - secretly whispering to my grandmother "who's that?" on several occasions because while they remembered me, I didn't recognize them at all. Having spent most of the day hearing "you look exactly like your mother" or "you're so grown up now", I had to ask right?

She had no idea about the "party", and if I remember correctly, she threatned my uncle/cousin/uncle, telling him she'd slap him away if he pulled one of these again. We laughed. We ate. She did a speech. I got hurt as per usual. She danced. Alot of other people danced too, whilst I watched (I've got like, 4 left feet). She did another speech. Then we ate some more, and just enjoyed each others company. But most important of all, we laughed, and she was happy, which in turn, made us happy.

So Happy birthday to Lucilia, my great grandmother. Let us be here again last year.

Yes, my hair was a wild that day. Too many hugs and squeezes. 

Here's a photo of her daughters, grandchildren, her great-grandchildren, and her great-great-grandchilden.

Ella x

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