Friday, 29 January 2016

5 easy steps for a healthier skin

When it comes to skin, we are all aware that it is an important part of the body. Maybe even the most important of it all - I mean, it is the largest and fastest growing organ in our body. Wanting perfect skin is something I imagine everyone strives for. Chances are, if there's been an article on a magazine, a blog post, a video on youtube, or even something on the news, I've probably already attempted to do it,

Some people win the hereditary lottery when it comes to having a good skin. That's not my case - it's always felt like something slipping away from me when I was so close to achieving it (well I mean, achieving a good skin within my bad skin). But I truly believe that what we're given is only the beginning of our skins history - how we take care of it, be that a good beauty routine or a pampering at times, is the end result. Sometimes, even when we don't see a result right away, it doesn't mean we won't in the future.

Taking good care of your skin can keep your skin healthy for years to come. And although we all know we like to pamper every now and again (hey, we deserve it), we don't need the most expensives products or the most intensive routine to actually have a healthy skin.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a dermatologist (far far far from it), nor am I an expert on all types of skin, but with all the problems I've had over the years, and with all the appointments and treatments I've done (and recommendations I've attempted), I like to think I do know a thing or two.

This year I promised I'd take better care of myself, and that includes my skin. So I rounded up a few tips I've learned over the years. These are things I sill go by everyday and that have helped me immensely.

#1 A good (and simple) skincare routine.

More is not necessarily better. This might sound strange to you but overusing products is the biggest mistake in our routines.

But be careful with the products you choose: daily cleansing actually takes a toll on our skin. Especially if it's a harsh one. You'll end up stripping your skin of its moisture and its protective oils. For example, I have large pores, breakouts and a Type 3 skin, but I cannot exfoliate everyday otherwise I'll end up irritating my skin further.

Have a routine that you enjoy doing everyday and make sure you stick with it. If you're getting bored of your routine, or you know that it's not actually doing anything for it (only maintaining what you already have), then it's time for a change.

Also, make sure to apply sunscreen everyday. and make sure it's at the least with a SPF 30. Even in the winter.

#2 Exfoliating.

Exfoliate once or twice a week. Just because I said we need to be careful with the harshness of our routine, doesn't mean "Don't wash it everyday!". It's exactly the opposite. Removing the top layer of dead skin will help prevent breakouts and blemishes, and keep it glowy.

Just don't do it everyday. Two times a week is a perfect amount of time.

A good exfoliator depends on your type of skin: for dry, chose one with no additional cleaning agents, and for oily, one that offers deep scrubing.

#3 Switch moisturizers every seasonal change. 

Your skin needs different things throughout the year. But having said this, the most important thing is to know your skin so you can use the right products at the right time. Use a lighter moisturizer in the Summer (with a high SPF / add sunscreen to your routine) and a heavier one in the Winter.

A good moisturizer will protect your skin and help you improve it.

#4 Take your makeup off.

Realize that you need to properly take it off. Seriously. We've all been there - getting home from a busy day, or a night out, or you're just so lazy that you end up forgetting and once you do remember, you don't want to get up from bed anymore.

Let's be realistic: make up clogs your pores with dirt, which leads to breakout and blemishes (unless you're like a godess that has perfect skin and in that care, please share). The day you realize how gross to your skin it is to leave even a smudge behind, will be the day you'll start having pretty darn good skin.

With that being said: be gentle while taking it off. I've read this tip before and still swear by it: double cleansing when you're taking your makeup off is key for a clean skin. First, take your makeup off with a wipe, or a cotton pad, and then use a proper cleanser to fully clean the skin.

#5 A balanced diet.

I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life. Far from it. But having a balanced diet, with all the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs, is the key to a good skin. (i.e fruits and vegetables)

I've been the lazy type, and the day I got up and decided to change my life was the day that most problems my own skin had, disappeared. I still eat crap (can't resist, don't get me wrong, but I make sure to eat what my body needs, and I exercise, and that's helped me greatly.

Any type of exercise that makes you sweat, is a good exercise. Even yoga. Or playing Wii. Or a walk in the park. Make sure you sweat everyday. Sounds gross, I know, but it's a way to eliminate the toxic chemicals that build up under your skin.

(hydrate: water is so important to clean your whole body!!!!!)


What are your go to steps when it comes to your skin? Is there anything you've learned that you swear by? I'd love to know your tips.

Ella x

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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Look of the day // Bryan Adams Concert

There's nothing like the adreline rush of knowing you're going to see one of your favourite singers live for the first time.

On monday I attended the Bryan Adams concert with my aunt and cousin, and believe me when I say, this has been a long time coming. When I found out he was coming to Portugal, I told my whole family in hopes they'd get me a ticket for my birthday. I absolutely had to go. I had already missed Ed Sheeran two years ago (I don't know what I was thinking back then when he's my favourite singer of all times), there was no way I'd be missing this one.

I was fortunate enough to have gotten front line tickets from my godmother, and god. I nearly cried.

The concert was exactly what I was expecting it to be: an experience I will never ever forget. It was beyond amazing, beyond sensational. The thing about him is that he strips down his music to his vocals, his backing band members and his guitar. And his voice has a way to work its way right into your heart. What else would music be about, right?

"Get Up" brought back an old fashioned rock album, and if you have yet to listen to it then I have to rush you to go and do that now because it's as amazing as it sounds. 

This man has more power with his voice than I expected him to have. He held the crowd in his hand - he simply gets his gas going and then gets you rocking with him. My absolute favourite song of all time is "Summer of 69", so to hear this performed live - let me just say some tears were shed. I think I lost myself for a moment there.

He also lived in Portugal for many years, and says it was here he was first introduced to the music he loves so much (he also speaks a bit of Portuguese and made us laugh throughout the whole concert) - this makes everything so much more exciting.

With nights getting cooler because of winter (Yes, it gets cold in Portugal too. Just probably not as cold as in other countries), all I wanted was to be warm and comfortable. I also knew I wouldn't stay quiet for more than a few seconds, so I made sure to take comfortable shoes.

I decided to go with dark grey elasticated waist leggings, along with an H&M sleeveless blouse (Similar ones here: 1; 2; 3), with a Stradivarius oversized black jersey, threw on my Tiffosi black jacket, and my go-to boots (Similar ones here: 1; 2; 3

To glam it up a little bit, (and to make it easier at the concert) I took my very small Tiffosi bag, along with my Omega watch.

I also went really basic and simple with the makeup as I knew I'd be sweating with all the jumping and screaming, only putting on The Body Shop BB Cream, the Wake Me up Rimmel Concealer, my Gimme Brow Benefit, and a Kiko Crystal Sheer Lipstick (409 - Dark Pink Flamingo).

Here are a few pictures of the concert. It doesn't do it justice - but to be honest, I had more on my mind. Sometimes we forget to really be in the moment because we're too busy trying to capture it as opposed to living it, and I didn't want that to happen to me. I was with family, and I had the absolute time of my life.

I also forgot to charge my camera, which is why the pictures are poor quality as I took them with my Iphone 5S.

This will always be one of the best moments of my life. It's safe to say 2016 started out pretty darn fine.

Have you ever been to a Bryan Adams concert? What's been your favourite concert to date? Who is on your "to see live" list? (Personally, I'd die if I ever saw Ed Sheeran or Adele).

And also, what do you feel most comfortable in when going to a concert?

Ella x

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Monday, 25 January 2016

Makeup Factory Enchanted Earth Quad Look

There's alot to learn about makeup and beauty out there, and sometimes it can all get a bit too overwhelming. I mean, you just want to put on makeup and look nice without messing it up by attempting to do something more complicated than usual. I get it. While I'm still trying to master the whole "neutral smokey eye", I've discovered something that's pretty close, but not quite. Does this make sense? 

A few weeks ago I did a review on the Makeup Factory Enchanted Earth Quad, and many of you told me you'd like me to do a look on it. I'm definitely not an expert at applying eyeshadow, but I feel like experimenting and trying out new things has been helping me quite alot. And it's made me feel quite comfortable when attempting new looks.

The other day I decided to experiment a little bit with this quad, and while I didn't think it was possible, I fell even more in love with this tiny palette and it's colours. It allowed me to do a simple makeup look that is even easier to pull off. And it doesn't look overdone.

Quite honestly, I knew I needed an everyday makeup look update, because I've been doing the same thing over and over for about a year now. And while I'm still very much in love with it (I can't help it, the Estée Lauder eyeshadow still gives me the shivers), I think I found another look that I'll probably go back to atleast every other day. 

All I did was apply the red all over my lid, and then with a flat brush, trace along my crease the chocolate brown like eyeshadow. Then with a blending brush blended both colours. On my top lids I softly brushed with the lighter brown shadow, sweeping it upwards to blend with the other colours. 

I feel like this is amazing for when I want to make my eyes appear larger. Even though they're already pretty big to begin with. 

On my lips I used first the Lancome gloss, and then applied the Kiko Onyx Rose to give my lips a little more colour.

What I'm wearing on my face:

Concealer // Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (£5.49)
Mascara // Estée Lauder More than Mascara (£24.00)
Brows // Benefit Gimme Brow (£18.50)
Lips // Lancome Juicy Tubes 033 (£17.00)

I think we never stop learning when it comes to make up, and I promised you that I would show you my progress as I go. So here it is.

Have you gotten around to trying out this brand or quad? What's your second go to daily make up routine?

Ella x

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Friday, 22 January 2016

What I learned from being fat

I've been learning to better accept my body and how I look. Honestly, I'm at a phase in my life where I just don't care anymore what other people think. But no matter how confident I might be, I'll always have my issues.

But it seems as though most things that are wrong in my life could be linked to my weight - from my confidence, to my trust in others, to how I perceive myself. It's safe to say that when you hate the way you look, wether you're fat or skinny, there's nothing else on your mind other than the desire to change. Until about a year ago and a half ago, being "fat" defined entirely who I was. I mean, atleast that's what I thought. 

I wasn't a fat kid. But I turned into a fat teenager. And for years, I never thought of myself as anything other than the fat family member, the fat friend, the fat colleague, the fat girl. The girl who never knew self love. I got tired of feeling like the ugliest duck on the planet, of putting myself down over something that I can indeed, control. I decided to try and lose weight. 

Having been bullied growing up, I don't really think having these issues are anything less than normal. I've recently just heard (on a tv show nonetheless) "The first step to feeling good, is looking good." This is true. I went from a size 16UK (44EUR; 12US) to a size 10UK (38EUR; 6US). And let me tell you, it feels pretty great. It's helped me in ways you can't ever imagine.

But did it remove everything that I'm self conscious about? No. Did it help? Yes of course it did. But feeling like certain clothes don't look well on me (even though you bought them exactly because they fit right in), that I have to pose in certain ways so that my fat doesn't look too fat, and waking up and knowing that it's not going to be a good day because nothing feels right on you - that, is still there. That remains. But I've come to the conclusion that this is like this for everyone. Yes, even boys.

And guess what? No matter how much weight you lose or put on, there will always be something you will want to change about yourself.

Like everybody else, I went through my phases of losing weight only to put the weight back on a few months later. The thing is, I was scared. Scared to actually go through with it - a place I'd never though I'd be. What made me go through with it this last time? There as a click. I was tired. I needed it.

And guess what? Losing weight is not hard. Everything we go through mentally - that's the tough part. 

More than anything else, I'm just mad for everything I put myself through. For everytime I looked in the mirror instead of thinking "today will be a good day", I criticized everything and anything I looked at. For making myself believe that I'm not worth of love or respect or that I wasn't good enough. And at times, these are still things which first come to mind when I put on a cute dress that I really really love.

My lack of confidence in myself ruined alot of opportunities. 

If you're anything like I was, these are few of the thoughts that cripple you (and also annoy the heck out of you): don't draw attention to your body, don't wear stripes, you need to be happy all the time (who has time to deal with your moods?) laugh at yourself first before anyone else has the chance to, don't flirt with guys you find attractive and for the love of god, agree everytime people give you exercise and dieting tips.

The thing I learned the most is - no matter how much you want to change, and in fact do change, the only thing you need to learn is how to love yourself. I don't care if this sounds real cheesy. If that doesn't happen, you will never be truly happy with the person you are. Your confidence is key for everything. From the way people look at you, to the way you look at yourself.

I am who I am. I'm the same person inside. And I have learned that no matter how I look, I'll be okay with just as I am. Even if there are things I want to change. I'll be okay with just as I am. My body doesn't define who I am. Not anymore.

There are a few things I learned along the way and try to remember everyday.

1. People don't actually like body talking. Someone will always be offended about something. Humans, what can we do?

2. Humour is not your way out. You are much more than you realize. We both know it hurts when people laugh with you, even if you laugh first at yourself first.

3. Shallow people will always be there. No matter how good you feel about yourself, there will always be someone who hates something about you.

4. When people are talking to you, 70% of the time they're not really looking at the things you're most conscious about. 

4. Surround yourself with right people. Personally, I like brutally honest people. I guess it's because my family and bestfriend are like this.

5. Losing or gaining weight won't make you love yourself. You'll always care about one thing or another.

6. I deserve to be happy. Why is this so hard to accept?

7. I also deserve to feel however the heck I want to feel. My emotions are mine to deal with, not yours. (Spoiler alert: I'm human too)

8. You don't owe anyone anything. You don't need to say yes when you want to say no. Or say no when you want to say yes. Do whatever you want whenever you want.

9. "You accept the love you think you deserve." (Shout out to Perks of Being a Wallflower)

10. You are beautiful.

First picture from 2013, Second from 2016, Third is my most recent (it's one day old)

Have you ever felt like this? Are you a confident person or is it something you need to work on?

Ella x

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

What's inside my makeup bag?

Today I thought it would be fun to share with you what I keep in my makeup bag. Although I do love to keep all sorts of products on my dressing table to make sure I have everything at hand (I'm a bit of an organizational freak) I like to make sure I always have my essentials tucked away in my bag. 

Everyone knows I don't wear make up on a daily basis, but that doesn't mean situations don't arise throughout the day where I don't need to go from okay looking to very presentable in seconds. And if I ever need to grab something or even just make sure everything is in place, I know I can always rely on what I keep in my handbag.

Now, if you're anything like me, you keep alot of nothing in it. I've come to the conclusion that this is a real problem I have - I always think "I might need this", or "I might need that" (we never know, right?) so recently I've been trying to wear smaller handbags, and in turn, put less inside them too. Which means, smaller makeup bags and therefore, less products - just what I might really really need. These are essentially, my go-to products.

Of course, now that I've started blogging, I'll sway from these every now and again - I'll try a new BB Cream on weekends, or a new foundation, and even a new blush, but the majority of time, this is what I carry around with me. I'm pretty sure I'll be making more of these in the near future as I've been trying quite alot of things that I'm absolutely head over heels with.

My make up bag is the perfect size for what I'm trying to achieve - I'd find a link for you, but it was handmade by my lovely grandmother so it's not something that's available. 

Because I'm short on space, I like to make sure I keep things that don't really require other products if I decide to go for only one of them. For example, the BB Cream is moisturizing and works as a concealer as well, so I wouldn't need to have the have the concealer with me. But as that is a small product, I do, incase I only feel like touching up on certain spots or my under eyes. The only product I really make sure to have more of are lip products. Those three colours are pretty similar, and I've always been the pink or red type of girl, so I make sure to have one of each, plus a hydrating one, and I'm good to go.

I found those pretty adorable (and quite small) brushes in primark last year, along with the mirror, and they have come in handy so many times. I don't use them to apply make up, but if I ever need a retouch, they are pretty easy to carry around and most importantly, to use.

One thing I can't ever go without is a perfume and because I'm a fruity scents kind of gal, I've recently been loving the Eau de Toilette by Zara. The smell. Oh my god. I can't even describe to you. 

Do you use any of these products, or have any recommendations for me? Please do let me know, I love to find out more about you!

Ella x

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Monday, 18 January 2016

Look of the day // Casual

Have I ever mentioned that I have an ongoing love affair with casual clothes? Sure, I love to dress up, and to pamper myself with everything that'll make me feel sexy. But truth be told, I'm an even bigger fan of wearing something comfortable - especially in that time of the month where nothing feels right on you - and that'll still look pretty darn good.

This look was built for a lazy day out. Last week I woke up feeling quite poorly, and I just wanted to stay in bed for the rest of the day. We all have those days, right? But I couldn't, so I got up, had a shower and got going. 

I've been all about the boots this winter - probably because they make me feel quite sophisticated and yet, at the same time, quite feminine. I recently acquired these pair of boots, having fallen in love with them at first sight. I love that they can be worn with almost anything, needing very little to complete them. All you need to do is put on whatever you feel like and bam - you can go from very chic to very easy going in only a few minutes. Whatever you want to.

Ah, and there's also nothing like the feel of a flannel when you're not feeling all there. And in my opinion, one of the best things to put on on a day like this, is exactly that. I decided to pair both of these with, the "body curve" zara jeans, my favourite thus far, along with a Black Jacket by Tiffosi, and a very easy going bag. Simple, but still presentable.

Here is what I'm wearing:

Misako Camel Bag (£27.99 // On Sale at £18.00)

What are your favourite items to wear on those days you don't feel like putting anything on?

Ella x

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Friday, 15 January 2016

ASOS Wishlist // Winter Edition

What's winter without an ASOS wishlist? With the madness going on during the sales season, I personally love staying at home going through several websites. I actually wish that everytime I created one of these, the items would go straight into my wardrobe. It would definitely make everything much easier.

I genuinely love ASOS as I feel that it's one of the easiest ways to find what you want - it has so many brands that I sometimes find myself shocked at how I always end up finding something even better than I was looking for. Is this healthy? No, I don't think so. Do I do it everyday anyway? Yes, yes I do.

I've lost quite alot of weight this past year, so I do have alot of bits and bobs that don't fit me that nicely anymore. I think that's why I'm constantly browsing for new outfits or some must have pieces. I'm also quite aware that no matter how many clothes I'm given, or how many clothes I buy, that I'll probably still have my very own go to pieces that I want to live on. Still, with so many pieces on my "saved" items, I thought I'd share some of them with you. 

This is my first ASOS wishlist, and I've put together a roundup of my favourite winter essentials. I definitely know that I need to stock up on a couple of things, so please, pray for my wallet.

Let me know what you've got your eye on - I love getting your feedback and your opinion.

(1) (2) (3) (4)

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

(1) (2) (3) (4)

(1) (2) (3) (4) 

(1) (2) (3) 

(1) (2) (3)

(1) (2) (3) (4)

Personally, I'd love to just have one of each section. What are your favourite bits? Do you own any of them?

Ella x

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Daily Makeup Routine // Minimal Look

I need to confess something to you: I don't wear makeup on a daily basis. I've always said I'm the kind of girl who doesn't wear alot of heavy make up, but I actually don't really wear makeup every single day of the week. 

Having lived with my grandparents whilst growing up, I was introduced to make up way later than most girls were. Of course, as any other teenager I got given products here and there, but they were usually things that I had no idea what to with and so, I didn't really pay much attention to them. I think the first time I got a proper makeup item, it was my very beloved Estée Lauder single eyeshadow (that I still very much use, and can't ever see myself without). I was only 21.

Did I need to use makeup? Yes I did - I've always had acne prone skin, and I grew up with pimples all over my face while not really taking care of it as well as I should have. Because of that, I now have alot of scars and dilated pores - that I'm hopefully doing a better job of taking care of nowadays.

But anyway, this means I grew up used to not wearing any makeup. So, on a day to day basis, I don't wear all kinds of items on my face. I like to keep it simple, and I like to make it even easier to take off at night.

Don't get me wrong, I love makeup and I truly think no woman ever owns enough makeup - ever. And I've learnt alot these past two years, but there's still alot to learn and alot to experiment with. This is something I'm quite passionate about. Moreover, there's really never enough knowledge, right? I do want to make it my mission to keep showing you the progress as I go and I also have an all steps makeup routine that I'll be posting on this blog in the future. 

For example, I don't wear foundation on a daily basis - preferring to use a BB Cream, as generally, it's a moisturizer, primer and concealer all in one. And it gives me the perfect glow. Plus, it has SPF. What more could I ask fo, for an easy go-to look?

While I know my brows need a bit more of attention, I'm used to having them like this. And so, I much prefer to go with a brush-on fiber gel that volumizes my brows, making them look quite natural.

My lips are the part of my face that never look the same, and I don't have a daily lipstick or lipgloss that I find myself going back to. Certainly, there are a few colours that are my preferred choices, such as red and pink, but I don't feel like I have found MY lipstick yet. On this particular day, I felt like using a red lipgloss. 

I truly do feel that something as simple as my routine can actually make a huge difference to how I feel about myself, and this confidence will in turn make me more productive throughout the day. 

But without further-a-do, here is a rundown of the products that make its way onto my face, allowing me to create an easy, everyday look.

*** I can't find the right colour eyeshadow anywhere, as I think it was limited edition, but I think this one is pretty similar. And I'm pretty in love with it myself.

*** I can't find the last two in any stores either, but I've provided links with similar items.

What are your go to day to day products? The ones you you always find yourself going back to? Let me know, I'd love to hear from you.

Ella x

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Monday, 11 January 2016

100 Years Old

Today's post is dedicated to my great grandmother, who turned 100 last tuesday. At the ripe of 100, I could say that she's quite healthy, and also quite there with her mind too. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know her, know that she's probably more sane than all of us put together. Which is a bit worrying in itself - she's also funnier, and can definitely dance better than I can.

The thing is, her life hasn't been at all easy, but whatever she went through, it really doesn't show on her spirit. I think people understand things differently when they get older. It's not about being mature, or seeing the colours when others see in black and white. It's really, understanding things better. Not being afraid to grow old. Accepting what you've gone through because you know it's life. She is a beautiful statement to that. She's still as feisty, as enthusiastic, as smart and as sharp as she was years ago. Truth be told, she doesn't even look her age, and her energy outshines all of ours put together.

I can't say I've spent every other weekend, every other month with her. I haven't, and I regret that because I don't really know how long I'll still have with her. But she's still my great grandmother, and someone who makes me proud to be able to call family.

This past weekend, one of her grandsons (I say he's my uncle, but he's really my cousin) decided to throw her a surprise birthday party. And I know what you're all thinking - wait, is that a good thing for a 100 year old? Yes, we were worried - her health is something we take very seriously. And there were also alot of people she hadn't seen in a while. People we know she'd be shocked to see, and people that would remind her of people who are no longer with us. 

It was one of those occasions where you see family members you don't even remember, people you only see on weddings or when someone dies. Or on occasions like this. There's alot of people from all over the country - people who came specifically because they wanted to show her that she's loved. I got to "re-meet" alot of family - secretly whispering to my grandmother "who's that?" on several occasions because while they remembered me, I didn't recognize them at all. Having spent most of the day hearing "you look exactly like your mother" or "you're so grown up now", I had to ask right?

She had no idea about the "party", and if I remember correctly, she threatned my uncle/cousin/uncle, telling him she'd slap him away if he pulled one of these again. We laughed. We ate. She did a speech. I got hurt as per usual. She danced. Alot of other people danced too, whilst I watched (I've got like, 4 left feet). She did another speech. Then we ate some more, and just enjoyed each others company. But most important of all, we laughed, and she was happy, which in turn, made us happy.

So Happy birthday to Lucilia, my great grandmother. Let us be here again last year.

Yes, my hair was a wild that day. Too many hugs and squeezes. 

Here's a photo of her daughters, grandchildren, her great-grandchildren, and her great-great-grandchilden.

Ella x

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Friday, 8 January 2016

Favourite Bloggers of 2015

I created my blog late in October when I got a really upsetting call letting me know I hadn't gotten into my dream job - I needed to get everything off of my chest. I had always wanted to create one, but never had the guts to. I had no idea how much I'd enjoy it, or I would have created it sooner. 

Let's be real, there are so many bloggers out there and I follow quite alot of them - from food, to beauty, to fashion, to lifestyle and online content / html blogs. And I love every single one of them. They're a source of inspiration, and at times, a breath of fresh air too. I love seeing people commited to their passion.

Throughout these past few months, I've been pretty fortunate to discover amazing, genuine, unique, inspirational people (Woof, that's a mouthful. But honestly, the adjectives could go on). People I look up to, people who show me everyday the side of blogging I've always wanted to be a part of. People who even though I don't personally know, make me proud. 

I decided to select a few and share them with you. They are people I recommend you add to your 2016 list. If you don't follow any of them - you're missing out big time. They're all incredible individuals with such creative minds. The kind of people I want to be when 'I grow up'.

They all bring individuality to the world of blogging. With the community growing so fast, it's sometimes hard to differenciate who truly loves what they do, and who is looking towards making easy money. In every single one of these bloggers, I can see a passion and a fire behind what they're doing, what they're writing. Basically, they're great at it. To me, they're some of the best in their sphere and they always come out with exceptional reviews, tips, help guides, advice (anything really) that you might be looking for.

This is not to say that I didn't love anyone else. I did. I do. I love the investment behind every blog, and there are so many other people out there that I follow daily - and that I'll continue on following. I keep discovering new bloggers everyday. But for the moment, these are in the tops of the tops of the tops of my list. And all #1.

What does it take for someone to get on your favourite bloggers list? What kind of things inspire you? This is what I want to know.

This is also my way to say thank you to every single one of you who contributes to the world of blogging. And who contributes to my growth. Even if you're not at all aware of that.

They are also in no particular order. And yes, I'm aware that some of them have more than one theme, but I'm putting them up for what I love most about their blog. What, sort of, tingles my soul.

Beauty // Fashion Bloggers

Pam Scalfi at Pamscalfi 
Oliva Grace at What Olivia Did
Ella Gregory Cocoa's Tea Party

Life Bloggers 

Meg Says at Megsays
Jemma Humphreys at Dorkface

Online Content (tools, tips, html)

Let me know who made it onto your favourite bloggers of 2015. I'm also thinking about doing more of these as I go along, what do you think?

Ella x

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