Sunday, 22 November 2015

Self confidence

It's really hard to feel beautiful on a daily basis, and I think that everyone at a point or another, has struggled to feel beautiful.

Until about a year ago, I had never felt so. I had tried, but I always ended up thinking down on myself. It wasn't even about the people around me, it was my own self, bringing myself down. Last year I decided it was time to change that and since then yeah, I've allowed myself to feel beautiful.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't to say it's easy. It's still difficult. It's really hard. But the matter of the facts is that I try.

It's a cliché yes, but we are all very beautiful in our own way. If someone makes you feel less than you deserve then it's honestly their problem. Media doesn't help, showing off a representation of a woman that is nothing more than unrealistic and unattainable. By their own standards, it's hard to find someone who actually meets those characteristics.

It's not a shock that most women and even men, are unsatisfied by their appearance. We can't keep up with how fast the designation of beautiful changes.

So, we need to find our own designation. We need to be our own definition of beautiful. Can other people really tell us how good we look? Yes. But they do so by their own standards. That's the thing, opinions are opinions. We do not, by any means, have to agree with them. An opinion is like an ass, everyone has one and no ass is really the same.

I think that at the end of the day what we have to do is work on the opinion we have of ourselves. It's okay to have down days, but we need to understand that we're all we have. This is all we have. Thinking poorly of this thing that is our human body is only going to do more damage.

So we get up in the morning, and we believe that today is going to be a very good day. We're going to put on the clothes that make us feel good. And keep in mind that not everyone feels good in the same type of clothes. Some find a sweatshirt better than a skirt.

But we're going to look in the mirror and think "Today I look damn fine." It's not going to be easy. It's going to be really hard, but it's going to be worth it. I still don't like looking in the mirror, but I try. It's one step at a time.

We're also going to smile. We're going to stop comparing ourselves to everyone else around us. We're going to focus on the best instead of the worse. We're going to do what we like doing, whether that's exercise or going to the movies or read a book.

And we're going to remember that our inner beauty will always be more important. We're going to stop trying too hard to be someone we're not. we're going to stop destroying ourselves.

Work on you, instead of on those who don't matter. Be who you want to be. Believe me, that person is so beautiful.
I know I'm still a work in progress but one day, it won't be so difficult anymore.

Ella x



  1. this is inspiring! :) I've felt a lot more confident ever since I started blogging. I lost a ton of weight :p and I decided not to care so much about what others think and try to be happy with what I have instead :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Thank you so much!

      I truly feel that it's a problem nowadays. People are always thinking about "What if someone says this or that" or "what if someone looks" that sometimes, it's the way we look down on us that makes us think other people are being mean. Sometimes it's all in our heads.

      I lost a ton of weight too and I don't know, I feel that it's helped alot in the way I see things.

      You're absolutely beautiful, honestly. There's nothing to be self conscious about. I'm glad you found my post even if just a little bit inspiring.

      Ella x

  2. I'm guilty of not having enough confidence. I've been through so much in the past that has really made me close up as a result. Lately I've been doing a lot better. You're so right about all of this, especially the part about comparing yourself to others. I think it also takes a conscious effort to stop putting yourself down, too. Even for little things. Thanks for this post!

    1. I think we all are at a point in our lives. What I've learned is that, most of our issues and doubts, in everything in life, come from inside our head. Yeah, sometimes, situations lead us to that - I was bullied, so I know. But, there's no one worse than ourselves to put us down. If we're good, then no one really can get to us. But it all starts from within.

      Like I said, I'm still a work in progress. I still have issues with self confidence, and there are times where I don't feel comfortable in anything I do, but I'm getting better.

      Loving yourself is the key.

      You're brilliant!
      Ella x

  3. I love it. We are all confident and beautiful individuals who define our own standards. Thank you for the reminder Ella!

    1. Exactly! If we love who we are and how we are, then we don't need others aprovals. We define what we find beautiful and each person has their own definition. Doesn't mean we're any less, just because we don't match their ideals!

      Hope you're well!
      Ella x


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